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Why Do We Go To Shows?

By Staff

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Why do we go to engine shows?
just to see who comes and goes?

To check other peoples’ engines out
And see what others have been about?

To see who else has a tractor
Like ours or even better?

How did Joe fix his carburetor,
Did Bob fix the leak in his radiator?

Who has a gasket to fix my pump,
What did Paul bring back from the dump?

Did Sally have her baby yet?
A lot has happened since we last met.

How did that far-away show turn out,
Did it go well or was it a blow-out?

What did you buy at the auction last year?
A whole new engine, a tool, a gear?

Everyone knows your junk is my gold,
It works the other way, too, I’m told.

So let me know what your needs may be,
I might have it and so might he.

But we’ll pass the word along,
With all of us looking you can’t go wrong.

To show off our tractors, engines and tools,
While others hang around their sun-warmed pools?

To show others what our hobbies are like,
As they walk by or ride on their bike?

I guess it’s a combination of all of these
That keeps us all busy as bees.

We keep our ‘things’ in good condition
To put on a great demonstration,

To show you what it’s all about-
So let’s dig those nice old engines out!

  • Published on Oct 1, 1988
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