West Virginia Oil and Gas Festival

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This year at the Old Gas Engine Show’ on September 16-19 in
Sistersville, West Virginia, a display of engines from the
Sistersville oil fields will be featured. The engine, known as the
‘N. C. Stoner’ will be featured, along with the Reid engine
known as the ‘Sistersville Type.’ Anyone who has any of
these engines should contact Web Anderson, P. O. Box 25,
Sistersville, WV 26175 so he can set up an area for them. Not much
is known about the N. C. Stoner engine. The only information known
was taken from a 1902 Sistersville City Directory ad. The ad had a
picture of the engine, which said ‘Manufacturer of small gas
engines for printing offices and for pumping powers and general
use. The engine is the simplest engine built and is guaranteed to
develop the power at which it is sold. It is built strong to stand
hard usage. It is a size A engine.’

N. C. Stoner was a general machinist and sold new and secondhand
oil well supplies on Burt Street in Sistersville. The engine at
right is owned by Jack Kile of R.D. 2, Sistersville and will be on
display at this year’s festival.

‘We are looking for information on this engine. We don’t
know if it is a one-of-a-kind or if there are more around the
country,’ Anderson said.

There is more printed information available on the Reid Gas
Engine-Sis-tersville Type. There were 40 HP, 15 HP right-hand and
15 HP left-hand gas engines. The 15 HP were fitted with a one way
clutch. The one way clutch is used when the one way motion only is
required and is used for pumping one or more oil wells.

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