Wayland Area Antique Tractor Club Has Event

By Staff

R 1, Box 165, Washington, Iowa 52353.

Reprinted from November 7,1991 issue of Wayland News, Wayland,

This is like back in the good old days, was but one of the
comments heard when several antique tractor enthusiasts plowed some
15 acres at the Norm Boshart farm southeast of Wayland.

Boshart serves as president of the Wayland Area Antique Tractor
Club that was formed in 1989 and he and his family served as hosts
for the special ‘plowing day.’

Club members arrived from throughout southeast Iowa, including
those from Fairfield and Stockport. There are now some 45 club
members, and meetings are held every other month.

Bob Diers serves as vice president and Kenny Miller as

The plowing at the Boshart farm started at about 10 a.m. on
October 19 and continued until after 2 p.m., with a noon lunch
break held. Preparing the noon meal were Norm’s wife, Ermadine,
and daughter, Veronica Slagel, and daughter-in-law, Shana

Allis Chalmers, International, John Deere, Massey Harris,
Oliver, Ford and Ferguson were all ‘brands’ represented at
the event, with the age of club members ranging from as young as 18
to over 65.

Some of the club members remember plowing with these
‘antique’ tractors. About 50 percent of the club members
actually farmed with such tractors. The newest tractor in the club
dates at about 1950 and the oldest is a 1933 model.

The club tries to get together one time each fall for such a
plowing day, as well as participating in a group at the Old
Threshers celebration in Mt. Pleasant. They also put on a show
during the July 4th celebration in Wayland.

The lead tractor in a ‘lineup’ held for the video camera
was a 1935 Allis Chalmers WO This tractor is owned by Boshart and
is the one he first learned to drive! Boshart said the tractor
belonged to his father, the late Alvin Boshart, in 1941- He sold it
to the late Lloyd Peterson in 1951. In 1983, Norm purchased the
tractor from Lloyd’s son, Wendell Peterson. Boshart said he had
kept an eye on the tractor for years and after ‘buying it
back’ spent two and a half years restoring it.

Of the 15 plows present for the plowing day, two were operated
with hydraulics and the others were all ‘trip type’

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