Was Oliver Ever This Big in Your Eyes ?

By Staff
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3873 N. 500 East, P.O. Box 431, Van Buren, Indiana 46991

Here’s a unique picture taken at the Mid-America Threshing
and Antique Show at Tipton, Indiana. Each year the tractors are
arranged to spell out the name of die featured tractor. The
Oliver/Hart-Parr collectors enthusiastically arranged the 47 Oliver
and Hart-Parr tractors and crawlers in a little over an hour for
this unusual picture.

The aerial photo is provided by the Terry Ploughe family at
Tipton, Indiana, as a service to the featured collectors at their
cost of $3.00 per picture plus $ 1.00 mailing cost. If you would
like one of these unique pictures, contact Terry Ploughe (317)
675-6058, or Mike Hodupp, Box 431, Van Buren, Indiana, 46991, (317)

The hospitality of the Tipton group was the most sincere I have
ever experienced. They are to be commended for the hard work and
planning that is exhibited by this unique event at their show.

400 tractors and all the usual show festivities are enough to
draw any tractor enthusiast to Tipton. It is an opportunity that
only comes once a year in central Indiana, to see horses, steam
engines and all ages of tractors plowing in the field at one time.
The sounds, sights and smells are fond memories that still linger
long after the show.

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