Wade Tour of Berkshire Implement In Royal Center, Indiana

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International Harvester Collectors P. O. Box 237 Royal Center,
Indiana 46978-0237

On a late Monday in September, a large charter bus filled with
48 vintage tractor collectors drove into Berkshire Implement in
Royal Center, Indiana. These vintage collectors were from several
countries in Europe including England, Wales, Scotland, and
Ireland. The tour was organized by Wade Farm Tours and the tour
guide was Rob Rushen Smith.

The Berkshire family (Clyde, Marvin, Karen, Mel, and Doug) gave
a tour of a typical American farm. A few points of interest were
the tractors, equipment, and cattle. Many questions were asked
about American weather, foliage, types of crops, and the size of
the average farm. In England, the average farm size is less than 50
acres. The highlight of the farm tour seemed to be a field of
popcorn. No one was familiar with popcorn. Clyde gathered a few
ears from the field and passed them out as souvenirs.

The next stop after the farm tour was a tour of the implement
store. While snacking on a small meal prepared by Helen and Wilma
Berkshire, the 48 members wandered throughout the building and
grounds inquiring about more American habits. Many commented on the
vast collection of IH memorabilia present. The Berkshires had an
example of the most common antique farm equipment, including
several different size tractors, a threshing machine, bulldozer,
trucks, lawn equipment, a reaper, an auto-wagon, and many projects
in progress.

After several hours of comparing cultures, the tour bus loaded
back up and headed for the next stop. After spending the night in
Logansport, the stop for the next day was the Farm Progress Show in
Windfall, Indiana. Overall, it seemed as if the hosts learned as
much as the visitors. It was a memorable day for all that won’t
be forgotten soon.

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