Variety Is The Spice of Life

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The Smiths of Girard, proudly showing their latest addition to their model collection, a model 'T' truck. The windows even roll up and down. On the next page: Top, the lineup of Minneapolis Moline tractors at the 1990 Terning Show; on the bottom, Quentin
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Dick Burd of Canton, SD with his hot air engine, which fascinates the crowd at the Terning Show.
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R.R. 3, Box 184, Valley Center, Kansas 67147

Photos by Lee Burd, Canton, South Dakota

Allen Smith of Girard, Kansas never ceases to amaze the
spectators with the spectacular array of equipment he has built.
People just stand spellbound and listen to him explain each piece.
At Ternings 13th annual show in Valley Center, Kansas, held
September 1,2,3,1990, Allen brought the latest addition to his
collection, as shown in the photo, his model ‘T’ truck.
Allen was on the ground half the time showing people how the
windows even rolled up and down. The entire family takes part in
the show; his lovely wife Francis is never far away. Allen has been
overheard saying that there would be no more projects-but then an
idea pops into his head and before long he is out in his shop
starting something else. Thank-you, Allen, and thanks to your
entire family for all the wonderful things you do to promote the
restoration of our American heritage.

The Minneapolis Moline Collector’s Club also had a great
display at the 1990 show. The photo shows just a few of the
tractors on display.

Dick Burd of Canton, South Dakota, also fascinated people with
his hot air engine.

Another majestic tractor is owned by Quentin Base of Sedgwick,
Kansas. This Avery performs well and Quentin also shows his Mogul
tractor. You never know just what Quentin will restore during the
winter months, so it is always exciting to see what will appear at
the show.

The names of people and their exhibits could go on and on.
However, I will share a few photos with you and hopefully you will
be able to come and see the exhibits for yourself. The 1991 show is
planned for August 31, Sept. 1, and 2.

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