The Growing of the Christmas Tree

By Staff
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Reprint from Boer’s 1915 Almanac

It grows in gladness, fair and green, A symbol of eternal hope;
It whispers of the Great Unseen On wilderness and cheerless slope;
The changing seasons come and go, Yet always beautiful to see, In
summer’s heat or winter’s snow, Appears the fadeless
Christmas tree. The sparkling dew of summer fills Its verdant
boughs with jewels rare, And winter hangs his icicles Like dazzling
diamonds there; The Frost King decks it, like a bride, With wreaths
of magic filigree, And fleecy snowdrifts often hide The beauty of
the Christmas tree.

The timid, wild birds build their nests Within its shelter, free
from fear, And in its shade the squirrel rests, Nor dreams of
danger drawing near;

In happy days of early spring, When jocund Nature thrills with
glee, The robin and the blue bird sing Their sweetest in the
Christmas tree. But half its charms do not appear, In summer’s
dew or winter’s rime, Until the season of the year That brings
the happy Christmas time. Ah! then indeed it glows, it gleams With
gems that sparkle joyously, And realize the happy dreams Of
childhood in the Christmas tree. Long may it grow! Long may its
sway O’er childhood’s dreams last everywhere, Till all the
world keeps Christmas Day And every heart is free from care! May
all its boughs and fadeless joys Be filled through all the years to
be, For all the precious girls and boys Who cluster round the
Christmas tree!

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