The 2002 Riverbend Steam Gas Show

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Bud Rosema belted his Case Model L to a 1930s Huber thresher at the 2002 show.
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Dave Roelofs' 1-1/2 HP Hercules Model E running a corn grinder that once belonged to his grandfather.
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This 5/8-scale Case 25-45 cross-mount was a beautiful addition to the show. Case was the featured tractor.

The 34th Annual Riverbend Steam Gas Show was held last July
19-20 at the farm of club member Lee Scholna in Allendale, Mich.,
about 12 miles west of Grand Rapids. Lee has hosted our show -which
one exhibitor describes as laid-back, not too big, and homey – for
a number of years.

Case was the feature tractor for 2002, and even though this area
of Michigan is not generally considered to be Case country a
representative sampling of various Case models was on hand. Club
member Bud Rosema had his nicely restored Model L Case tractor in
attendance, and Kevin Cooke brought his 1939 Model L Case tractor
on steel wheels. Kevin had only recently gotten the Model L running
before bringing it to the show. Also on hand was a recently
completed and very nicely built 5/8-scale model of a 25-45
cross-mount Case.

Some pieces of equipment made their first appearance at the
Riverbend show last summer. Club member Dave Roelofs demonstrated a
corn grinder his grandpa once owned, with power for the grinder
coming from a 1-1/2 HP Hercules Model E engine Dave purchased from
fellow club member and longtime collector Sharon Schut. Dave had a
minor disaster when one of the pins holding the governor weights
fell out, breaking a governor weight in two. Fortunately, a local
welder welded the two pieces back together and Dave continued
running his engine at the show.

The Van Wylen family of Grant, Mich., brought their belt-driven
wire-tie hay press, baling several bales of straw behind the
threshing machines, and club member Terry Talsma brought his late
model IHC belt-driven corn sheller. That thing can really shell a
lot of corn!

Club members have been busy lately with many projects on the
grounds. We built a water tower for the steamers and the water
wagons, and we have enclosed the sawmill building, installing doors
that can be lifted and propped up for demonstration viewing.

Our next show is scheduled for July 18-19, 2003, and
Massey-Harris will be the feature line of tractors and equipment.
Hope to see you there.

Contact engine enthusiast Rick Gilder at: 2222 92nd St.,
Byron Center, Ml 49315.

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