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Jerry Rawlings of Franklin, IL at the wheel of the tractor he

Ivan E. Weaks of Delta, OH stands by his rare prototype 1922
Farmall Regular, at the Portland, Indiana show in 1988.

Picture is a Maytag collectible which is still sealed and a rare

Picture is a 3 HP Hummer engine, serial #44456 manufactured by
the Hummer Engine Works of Jackson, Michigan. The original paint
appears to be a dark green. Charles thinks that it can be started
on gasoline and switched to kerosene-the fuel pump resembles that
of an F-M.

A picture to encourage new collectors to get out and hunt for
engines! It was taken in Ok-lahoma in 1987. The engines were
removed from the oil patch and were placed here to face retirement
and rust.

  • Published on Aug 1, 1990
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