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Gas Engine Row.
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Laurel Runnals Oil Pull.

494 Twp. Rd. 232, Sullivan, Ohio 44880.

The 22nd annual LaGrange engine show was held at a new location
at Lorain County Fairgrounds, Wellington, Ohio. With so much more
room, all exhibitors were well pleased with the display area.

After a very wet start Saturday morning, things started to dry
out by noon. Equipment started moving around, and by 2:00 p.m. all
demonstrations were in operation. Steam powered sawmilling,
threshing, straw baling, power eater, and a big fan and dynamometer
were all going.

Gas engine row had lots of interesting units in operation, from
tiny models to big oilfield one-lungers. All were displayed along
blacktop drives, so it was easy to get around and see all the

Many nice tractors were on display, with any size or color a
person would prefer to look at. The dynamometer was busy both days,
as owners found out how much horsepower the old iron could produce.
Many folks were surprised as to how well these old units performed
on the dyno. The big fan also had many old timers barking, as did
the power eater. It sure is music to hear these old units sounding

On Sunday afternoon, an exhibitor’s antique tractor pull was
run. All participants enjoyed pulling, so this will be an annual
event at our show. A parade of machinery was also held on Sunday
afternoon, and the spectators enjoyed it very much. The parade is
an ideal time to get pictures of all the equipment because when
they are lined up on the showgrounds it is hard to get a good

Lots of good food was available on the grounds, from a snack to
a full meal. A large flea market gave an endless array of things to
purchase. All who were looking for that hard-to-find piece had fun
searching for it.

Many thanks to all who displayed equipment, to vendors, and to
spectators for attending. Hope to see you all September 18-19, 1993
at Lorain County Fairgrounds for a bigger and better LaGrange
Engine Club Show!

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