North American Model Engineering Exposition

By Staff

36506 Sherwood Livonia, Michigan 48154

The fourth annual North American Model Engineering Exposition
was held April 24 and 25 at Yack Arena in Wyandotte, Michigan. The
two day event attracted exhibitors and vendors from the United
States, Canada, England and South Africa. The model engineering
craft was well represented. Facility improvements this year
included nearly 200 additional feet of air line making a total of
almost 650 feet of air line, and more table space for both vendors
and exhibitors. Many of the 870-plus models displayed by 231
exhibitors including steam, gas and hot air were operated for the
general public to observe. The wide variety of models included
steam engines, tractors and locomotives, farm style engines, and
automotive gas engines, aircraft both inline and radial styles,
marine steam and gas engines. Operating equipment included steam
and gas power plants, industrial machines and tools and farm
machinery, railway earth moving and military. Many model engines
operated equipment to add to the realism. A large boat pond was
available for the 38 radio controlled boats on display. The model
boats ranged from tug, sailing, ferry side paddle and military.

Many of the models and operating equipment are of museum
quality. Exhibitors and vendors were always available to discuss
and inform the more than 2500 spectators who attended the two day
exposition. This feature, along with actual model operation on
compressed air or gasoline, created a great deal of enthusiasm for
the model engineering craft among the general public.

More than thirty outstanding vendors were on hand to support and
advance the model engineering craft. This included magazine and
literature, model and model kit suppliers and machine tools and

This year’s exposition was larger than last year’s in
public attendance, number of models on display and number of
vendors. This is a strong indication that model engineering is
alive and well in North America and will continue to grow.

The North American Model Engineering Society Committee would
like to thank everyone who assisted with this year’s exposition
and made it a huge success. We’re looking forward to seeing
everyone at the 1994 show April 23 and 24 at the same location.

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