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Nationale Oldtimer Manifestatie

By Staff

We recently received an invitation to attend a show in
Zuidlaren, the Netherlands, from G. Veenstra of Veenstra
Instruments, Madame Curieweg 1, P.O. Box 115, NL 8500 AC Joure.
Also enclosed was a brochure describing the show, held annually in
April. While we weren’t able to attend, those of you who are
world travelers might find the following information of

The National Old Timer Event in the Prins Bernhardhoeve in
Zuidlaren (Netherlands) has grown to be one of the largest in
Western Europe, not only in terms of the number of visitors (at
least 36,268 in 1993), but also in terms of the layout. It
therefore speaks for itself that the Prins Bernhardhoeve will be
opening its doors again for enthusiastic car devotees, nostalgic
adventurers, technical boffins, (amateur) restorers and others.

The Prins Bernhardhoeve, the second largest trade fair complex
in the Netherlands, offers 40,000 square meters of sheltered
exhibition space, where large numbers of carefully selected vintage
time, the familiar exhibition programme of classic cars, motor
cycles, lorries, buses, fire engines, tractors, caravans, machines
and branded tools is being extended by airplanes, bicycles,
carriages, heavy equipment, military vehicles and boats.

To restore Old Timers and classic models into prime condition or
to keep them in perfect shape, spare parts are essential. Therefore
an extensive range of spare parts will be available during the
event, where collectors and restorers will find all the spare parts
they need for their valuable and rare vehicles.

The National Old Timer Event is an enjoyable experience for the
whole family. There are nostalgic fashion shows, music and dance
performances, old fair ground attractions, not forgetting, of
course, the Easter bunny. There is also a creche where even the
youngest children can enjoy the whole day. Throughout the day a
historical omnibus travels between the town centre of Gronigen and
Zuidlaren via the old bus route.

The success of the National Old Timer Event can be mainly
attributed to the quality of the displayed items, which are
compiled with the utmost care under consultation with expert
insiders. Associations, brand clubs, museums and individuals can
exhibit their old timers free of charge.

You can register as a participant in the National Old Timer
Event for next year by writing to the address above (G. Veenstra).
Your presentation will then be included in the broad advertising
campaign which will inform the public about the programme for that
trade fair, exhibition and other activities.

  • Published on Jun 1, 1995
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