My First Ride on a Fordson Tractor

By Staff

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Way back to the years of 1926 or 1927, my dad took me to a
neighbor’s farm to visit and meet his former farm friends. I
was growing up at the time and had to be five or six years old.

I can remember the Mike Beck farm as though it was yesterday.
Mike was a shorter man, on the heavy side, and had a big white
mustache that drooped down from either side of his face to his
chin. He raised fruits and vegetables on his farm and used to take
them by horse and wagon to the small towns and boroughs, close to
his farm, to sell them.

I can see the wagon, now pictured in my mind. It sat high on the
front wheels, with an umbrella overhead. He used to stop at our
house to sell his goods. I used to go out to the wagon and he would
give me a Damson plum. I thought I was something, getting a plum
from Mike Beck.

Getting back to the story: Pap got a lend of his Fordson and
took me for a ride. Coming back to the farm: the house and barn sat
by themselves and were enclosed with a barbed-wire fence, with a
big gate in the middle. The house stood on the right, the barn was
across from the house on the left, with plum trees on this side of
the house.

Pap tried to steer us through the gate, but misjudged the
opening. The Fordson climbed the fence post and we were straight
up, until he got it stopped! I can still remember my first

Since that day, the Fordson tractor was part of my life. I
always wanted to own a Fordson. More so now that they are antique
and are shown at the steam meets.

I’m seventy-five years old and I still look forward to being
an owner of a Fordson!

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