Mechanical History Show at Rochester, Minnesota

By Staff
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Keith Dicke, winner pre-war class IHC.
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McCormick reaper property of Olmsted County Historical Society.

4353 75th St. NW, Oronoco, Minnestoa 55960

The 1991 Mechanical History Show, held July 27-28, at Rochester,
Minnesota, was its usual robust self, including our old friend, Mr.

The oats were totally ruined, and plowing was minimal. The
bright spot was the glorious line of 1HC presented for the the 160
years of IH extravaganza. Rows and rows of shiny red of every
description, along with the old gray friends and the sweet running
gas engines with their endless list of powered tools humming and
crunching on the other end of the belts. The sound and smell of the
steam engines, the song of the buzz saw, and the sweat flowing from
the threshers made the whole weekend a cornucopia of pleasant
nostalgia. The men and women in costume made it so much more

Top honors went to Mr. Loren Bernard (retired IH dealer) or his
awesome 650 diesel. Marv Berreth won best engine display, and
Harlan Hjemstad had the top IH engine. Bemie Bunne was the best IH
exhibitor. The slow races were a tortuous duel between Elfie
Johanson (Allis C) and Ron TePoel (8N). They each scored one.

Sunday night, they all collapsed, exhausted, but secretly
wishing it had just started.

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