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Timing the Maytag Model 92 the easy way as told to me by one of
the old time Maytag experts.

How often do we see May tags at the shows that don’t start
easily? We all see those poor guys kicking their legs off. Here is
the secret. Usually it’s the timing that’s off. On a
2-cycle all you have is timing and fuel. We will assume you have
fresh fuel in the tank. Take out the spark plug. Using a ‘ or
3/8‘ wood dowel, insert it in spark plug
hole. Touch top of piston. Rotate flywheel to top dead center. Make
a mark on the dowel at edge of the spark plug hole. Pull dowel out
and measure and mark ‘ below TDC mark. With the cover off
outside of the flywheel observe points. They should just start to
open at the mark ‘ before TDC on the dowel. Although you may be
led to believe that point setting must be 0.020’. Point setting
is not that critical, 0.018′ to 0.022 is fine. We have found
that one kick will start that old Maytag every time, if you follow
this tip.

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