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Looking For That Next ‘Last’ Engine-Ha!

By Staff

Box 417, Shoals, Indiana 47581

After buying my first gas engine in 1987, a 1927 Jaeger, a
friend of mine who was also an engine collector told me, ‘You
now have the engine fever.’ He said I wouldn’t be satisfied
with only one engine. I remember telling him the Jaeger was the
only one I  was going to buy. Was I wrong! After restoring my
first engine, the Jaeger, my friend was right. I started looking
for another one.

Since the first engine, I have restored, a 1928 2 HP Hercules, a
1927 2  HP Economy, and a beautiful 1927 2? HP Arco. I also
have a nice restored 1926 KE Stover, 1? HP, and a 1948 restored LB
IHC. Over the last two years I have also owned a 3 HP Cushman Cub,
a 3 HP Jaeger, a 4 HP Cushman upright and a 2 HP R.V. As of now, I
am in the process of restoring a nice 1958 Wheel Horse tractor with
the original Kohler engine that I bought at Portland ’89.

Collecting all these engines and the tractor gave me a good
reason for buying a new ’89 truck and trailer to haul all my

A good friend and neighbor, Bob Goffinet of Shoals, Indiana,
also collects engines. He has been a big help to me in restoring my
engines and tractor. We go to a lot of engine shows. He has a
beautiful 5 HP Desjardins Ltd. made in Quebec, Canada. He talked
another friend of ours, Charlie Griffin of Springville, Indiana,
out of this one. Charlie has approximately 25 engines, some are
rare ones. He is looking for a 12 HP Economy. If you have one, give
him a call.

Yes, my wife Sharon enjoys the engines very much, and yes she
has her own engine-a red 1927 Economy which she takes care of and
starts by herself. Sharon is never surprised at what I may bring
home, maybe a 1926 garden tiller, or a Jaeger cement mixer, or a
rare Maytag sausage grinder, etc.

I am looking for a 1? to 2? HP Sandwich, also a Fairmont railcar
engine two-cycle, 4 HP to 8 HP.

We enjoy the engine hobby very much, even all the wild goose
chases I have been on the last two years, looking for that
‘next last engine.’ I also enjoy getting my Gas Engine
Magazine. Keep up the good work. Your magazine is very important to
the engine hobby. Thanks.

  • Published on Feb 1, 1990
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