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Co-op/Cockshutt were the featured tractors at the UAW Tractor
and Engine Show held at the Marion County Fairgrounds in
Indianapolis this past June 1-2.

Cool temperatures, warm smiles, gray skies, vibrant colors,
chilling wind, hearty handshakes. These were some of the
experiences that were had at the UAW Tractor and Engine show held
this past June 1-2 at the Marion County Fairgrounds in
Indianapolis, Ind.

Our featured product lines were Co-op/Cockshutt tractors and
Maytag gas engines. Our tractor show was part of the UAW Trade
Fair. The Trade Show represents the many quality products
manufactured by Region Three UAW employees. As sleek new cars,
trucks and motorcycles were arriving at one area of the grounds,
the old relics of yesteryear were proudly taking their designated
places. What a wonderful opportunity these exhibitors gave to
attendees to experience the history and nostalgia associated with
their prized possessions.

As the show moved into full swing on Saturday, many different
displays were on offer. Old farm tools, farm toys, even a
collection of cast iron garden seeders. Gary Bradford of New
Knoxville, Ohio, came with his vast ‘Antique Express II,’
which housed over 1,000 various antique machinery parts, along with
tractors and gas engines. Loyal attendees Dan and Barb Davis,
Anderson, Ind., did their usual fine job of helping with the show,
also bringing along their beautiful 1949 Indian Motor Bike for us
to enjoy.

We had 171 tractors registered this year for our show. Al and
Coleen Adams, of Yoder, Ind., really outdid themselves with their
Co-op Jamboree, and there were many positive comments about these
tractors and with the turnout. These people really deserve a pat on
the back; they were a joy to work with.

As the ladies enjoyed a huge craft show sponsored by the UAW
retirees, many of the men braved the chilly weather conditions to
attend the antique tractor pull. This year we had 71 tractors in
competition. Many thanks to Kent Parks and Tim and Don Gellinger
for all their work.

Claudine Rawdin’s 1935 Maytag Toy Racer. This piece drew
more than its fair share of interest from attendees.

For many people, the highlight of the show was the Maytag
exhibits. Irma and Jerry Nance, Odessa, Mo., did a magnificent job
in helping organize the Maytag exhibits, which were probably some
of the more popular exhibits with attendees that I have observed in
the 17 years of our show. We heard comments all weekend long, like,
‘I remember grandpa having one of these engines,’ and even
more important were their remarks about the Maytag washers. The
machines seemed to fascinate – as well as bring back many memories
– to just about everyone who had the opportunity to view the
machines. And since Indianapolis is the ‘capital of
racing,’ Claudine Rawdin of Champaign, Ill., was busy talking
to people, especially the children, about her 1935 Maytag Toy
Racer. What a very interesting exhibit!

We really had a great show, even though the weather was
threatening all weekend. I certainly want to thank all participants
and visitors for attending. All told, we had 171 tractors, 299 gas
engines, and 31 union locals from 11 states registered. 1 also
would like to thank all the workers who helped with the show, and a
special thank you goes to all who helped with our ham and bean
supper Saturday evening.

Morris Titus is chairman of UAW Local No. 662. Contact him
at: 2025 Hillcrest Drive, Anderson, IN 46012

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