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The crowd lines up at the Laren rally to see the stationary engines-some very unfamiliar to Americans, such as De Dion Bouton and Goan.
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Moteur Ceres, c. 1930- another French engine shown at the Laren rally.
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A De Dion Bouton hot tube engine, c. 1900, made in France, owned by E. van der Schaal.

We recently sought information from E. A. J. van de Schaal of
Eemnesserweg 16, 1251 NC Laren, Holland about gas engine collecting
in Holland.

He wrote back and told us that the hobby is growing in his
country. His collection (about 25 pieces) includes such names as
Petter, Lister, Fairbanks, IHC, Hercules and others. This is the
eleventh year for the international rally in the town of Laren. He
expects the show will draw 25 entries from England and over 80 from

The rally is to be held the 13th of June and will feature
antique cars, stationary engines, steam engines, old handcrafts and
sheep shearing. In addition, there will be food, books, spare parts
and a flea market. For every entry, there is a free lunch for two
and a rally plaquette-and no entry fee for foreigners. Camping is
permitted on the grounds, and accommodations can be made for
engines for those who wish to travel elsewhere. Laren is located
between Utrecht and Amsterdam. Write to Mr. van de Schaal at the
above address if you wish to enter, but hurry-entry forms are due
May 15.

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