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The featured tractor - a Graham Bradley owned and operated by Howard Yerkey of New Windsor. This tractor was also on our buttons.
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Photo by Robert Ringberg.

Vice President R.R. 2, Box 10 Woodhull, Illinois 61490

This is a report on our first show for this club. We formed the
club April 13, 1985. It took us a year to get things ready and on
June 21 and 22, 1986, we had our first show.

The first day was real nice all day. We had a very good turnout.
We had about 60 tractors, about 50 gas engines and 1 portable steam
engine. We had a very good display of toys as well, and other old
machinery too. As early as it was, we didn’t have any
threshing. So instead, we shelled corn out of the corn crib with a
belt driven corn sheller. We did some plowing with the old
tractors, too. Of course by noon, we got things going real good and
after dinner we had the parade of tractors and machinery. After the
parade we ran a couple of contests that went over very well. They
were the coverall race and the slow race. We had a fan to put the
tractors on and that was going most all of the time.

On Sunday it wasn’t quite so nice in the morning, as it
rained and the wind blew. But by mid morning the rain quit and the
people started coming. We had a very nice day of it anyway. The
activities were about the same as the day before except that we
couldn’t do any plowing. So we added another contest-a water
pitcher race with the garden tractors. That really drew a lot of
interest, for it ran for most of the afternoon.

We featured the tractor and gas engine we have on our plaque and
buttons. The tractor was on the button and was a Graham Bradley,
shown and owned by Howard Yerkey of New Windsor, Illinois. The gas
engine was a United owned and shown by LaVern Anderson of Viola,

A general view of the tractors at our show.

This show was held south of Woodhull, Illinois on the Robert
Ringberg farm and will be held there again on June 20 and 21,

We want to thank everybody who brought stuff to exhibit and
helped to put the show on, and we want to welcome everybody who
wants to bring their exhibits out this year. We thank all the
people who came to see what we had and we welcome you back this
year. Hope to see you again and some new faces this year.

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