Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association, Inc.

By Staff

Vice Pres., Rt. 2, Box 167A, Republic, Missouri 65738

As the new year is beginning, I would like to continue
introducing (or re-acquainting) you with your national officers. On
the agenda this month is Secretary-Treasurer, Menno L. Kliewer.

Menno was born December 15, 1921 on a rural farm near Henderson,
Nebraska. Being raised on a farm, he learned of hard work at an
early age. After graduation from high school, he was drafted into
the service of his country. After returning home from the service
in April, 1946, he began to farm for himself.

In the fall of 1946, Menno enrolled in Tabor College to obtain a
certificate to teach school. Upon completion he taught school from
1947 to 1950. Menno was married to Ann Fast on August 8, 1947. They
continued to farm in Nebraska until 1962 when they moved to
California. Menno and Ann have raised four boys. Today each of them
has a career and are well established in their vocations.

Menno began to collect old iron and other antiques at an early
age. In 1979, he built an antique shop on his farm which today is
well stocked with old farm articles. In 1981 Branch 8 EDGE&TA
was organized in his hometown, and he became a charter member. In
1982, he was elected secretary of Branch 8a position he served
until 1986 when he was elected National EDGE&TA

His restorations include tractors, engines, washing machines,
water pumps, and a variety of old farm related equipment. He enjoys
the office of Secretary-Treasurer and has been instrumental in the
establishment of 24 new branches during the past six years. He also
enjoys attending shows and swap meets and making new friends and
seeing old friends.

We are happy to have Menno serve as a National officer and we
are looking forward to working with him in the coming year.

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