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By Staff

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Hello, everyone in engine world! And as we know, we are all over
the world!

Our National meeting will be over now and if there were changes
in officers I would have no way of knowing when I write this. As I
can guess, Branch #10 did a bang up job on hosting the National.
Being close to where J. I. Case worked and walked on his path of
building some of the best machinery of his time, so many of our
members have a lot of this machinery, your writer included.

One of the greatest things about joining a club in the National,
you learn to know people from all parts of the world. As an
example, I received a phone call about 5 p.m. one day. It was Tom
Stewart and wife Emma from Branch #15 at Brooks, Oregon wanting to
know how to get to our place. We went over and picked them up and
guided them in with their motor home and a little trailer following
with Tom’s little model engines in it. Well, in the course of
the evening, a member of Branch #19 with his two boys and two more
friends came in and Tom put on a show for us. Those 10 year old
twins couldn’t take their eyes off those little, popping

After all, isn’t that what it is all about, to leave an
education for the young ones?

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