Dundee Days Gas Engine Show and Swap Meet

By Staff

R.R. 10, Box 338, Muncie, Indiana 47302

Well, the gas engine show season is about over. I like to look
back and sort of review what has gone on.

Last March, while attending the show at Zolfo Springs, Florida,
I ran into a friend from Indiana. He told us that with his son, Don
Bole from Hartford City, they were planning a get-together at Roll,
Indiana, a small town seven or eight miles north of Hartford City,
Indiana, and would I bring some engines and attend?

The show was to start on Friday, but to help in getting things
set, we went over on Tuesday. Starting on Tuesday, the hospitality,
good times, and fellowship began. Each evening there seemed to be
something interesting to do. Everything was well organized. Nothing
was left out or forgotten.

There was entertainment, flea markets, engines, tractors, and
plenty of good food and refreshments on the grounds.

There was a talent contest on Friday evening, followed by an
exhibition of skill and daring mini-car driving by Kokomo Shriners
Club. At 9:30 local square dancing clubs performed western style
dancing for the audience. Saturday was filled with fun and contests
for all ages-hoola-hoops, kite flying and horseshoe pitching were
among the activities of the day. Don Bole is the leader of a
well-known musical band. To watch them practice their music for the
Saturday night show, for me, the guest, was well worth the

The show Saturday night was so well liked by the audience that
the band was asked for so many encores that the show lasted well
into the night. The little girl singer, Amy Boise, was out of this
world. Remember that name because you will hear of her nationally
some day. She is that good.

Sunday festivities began with church services held in the
community building. Sunday afternoon entertainment was by
well-known gospel groups.

The friend, Harley Bole, father of Don, did have a heart attack
in September, but he is o.k. now. He’s home now, probably
planning for the show next year. At least I hope so. I was
surprised to see so many engines and tractors for the first year of
the show. Of course, I know next year will be even better because
any show that can produce so many attractions is bound to be bigger
and better. I’ll be there, I know.

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