Delaware Valley Old Time Power & Equipment Show

By Staff

R2, Box 1888, Huntington Hill Road, Litchfield, Maine 04350

(This story by six-year-old Clifton Wilson was sent to us by
Penny Wezel, secretary of Delaware Valley Old Time Power &
Equipment. It is his impression of their 1989 show.)

I went to the engine show yesterday and the day before that too.
There were a lot of engines there and I looked at them. It was fun!
The engines were real neat!

The biggest one was really neat because somehow the engine was
going and the steam stack wasn’t attached onto the engine. Some
of the engines were also very tiny. They were running also. They
were so neat that I really wanted one.

There were little toy ones that weren’t really toys. They
were very breakable.

There was an engine that had a really big belt that ground up
corn from dried corn cobs. It only ground up the corn that was on
the cob, not the corn cobs. Then the cobs went down a chute and
then they got ground up too.

There were also old tractors that looked like they were new. The
men put some kind of belt on this thing sticking out on the
tractor. This belt made a machine run.

There was even a tractor that looked like it was made out of a
train. The cab looked like it came right off of a train. This
tractor didn’t run at first, but then the men started it up and
it was kind of loud. On the second day they drove this tractor. It
was real neat to watch.

I even got to ride in an old fashioned pickup truck. I sat in
the front seat and it went kind of slow. The truck ran out of gas
in the middle of the ride. A guy came over and the man who was
driving put on the pedal to start it, but it wouldn’t start at
first but it finally got started.

I also saw an old fashioned race car driving across the yard. It
was black but it wasn’t very pretty.

I was given a bag of peanuts and an engine show t-shirt. I had a
real fun time and I’m glad I went.

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