Carolina Flywheelers 1999 Show Report

By Staff
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Carolina Fly-Wheelers 3841 Highway 421 South Boone, North
Carolina 28607

Scale model Meadows grist mill and engines built by Garland Jobe
of Greensboro, North Carolina.

Our 20th annual High Country Crank-Up was humongous to say the
least, in size, numbers and fun! The crowds of exhibitors, mainly
on Saturday, (which is always our biggest day) were just
overwhelming-especially to those of us working the registration
office and gate, as well as those directing traffic. I don’t
know where all those people (exhibitors) came from or where Raymond
and Jody Scholl put them after they got here! They should
definitely be commended for a job well-done, as always.

Don’t get me wrong, we were ever so glad that they all came.
I’m just saying, we were full-up! You probably noticed a very
few subtle changes that we thought would help make things a little
easier for our club. However, some were found favorable, while some
weren’t. As an exhibitor you had the opportunity to let us know
how you felt about them. You’ll just have to come back again
this year and see how we’ll be doing things this time. We
can’t guarantee that everything will be pleasingly perfect for
you, but we will certainly try to work with you.

Thank you! Thank you! To all those who took the time to register
for our 20th show. I was so pleased. Now my biggest concern in the
responsibilities of club members in general. Sincere thanks to all
those members taking vacation time to help work at our show. I
would just like to see more involvement in attending our meetings
and help with all the planning that’s necessary to put on our

We gave our usual ‘clean show’ again as we had some rain
on Saturday. We were able to get in our tractor parade, but the
other tractor activities had to be postponed until Sunday after our
church service. Now these people really had a good time! I watched
several of the events. The gate race was won by Jason Brown. Jeff
Hodges took first place with wagon backing, and Harry Ray took the
honors for the slow race. Grandfather Joe Lawrence and grandson
Joseph took first place in the balloon race and Balance Beam,
respectively. Our condolences continue to be with this family
concerning the death of Joe’s beautiful wife, Betty, in October
following a lengthy illness. Betty was one of our club members, as
were the rest of her family. She did what she could to help out at
our shows, deeply loved her family, and always supported them. A
daughter, Donna Brown, also survives.

John Deere engine and ice cream maker owned by Brose Easterby of
High Point, North Carolina.

The latest winter project of my husband John Hodges. You come up
with a name for it! In the background, some nice wooden handles for

Much appreciation for Lisa Watson for doing the time and record
keeping of the tractor events and to Lindsey Watson and Angie Brown
for ‘fashioning’ the award ribbons.

We are striving to do more family-type activities and trying to
work with members scheduling meetings around other engine shows
that they attend. Our annual club picnic was held in September. We
had a good turnout of families and even better of food and
fellowship. This year’s train ride was in October with Cass
Railroad at Whittaker Station in West Virginia. I thought Friday
night at Snow Shoe was a little windy; however, Saturday was the
most perfect autumn day. It was an absolutely gorgeous day for a
train ride! Our group spent Saturday night locally and started out
Sunday morning fairly early for more sightseeing and some serious
flea market hopping before going our separate ways. It was

Many thanks to Ronnie and Brenda White for being our guides.

Look for our 2000 show to be advertised as being two days, July
28 and 29. Don’t worry that things will change. The show
grounds will open Wednesday morning. Thursday will still be the
setup day, the show will be Friday and Saturday, and on Sunday we
will still have our church service followed by ‘breaking
camp.’ So, for some good times in high places, a relaxed
casual, laid-back atmosphere and friendly people, load your
engines, pack your bags, grab your camera and take the high road
for a great vacation, after making motel reservations! Come join us
for this summer’s show because too much fun is never enough
when it comes to playing with or discussing engines and old farm

For more show information see page 548 and 190 of 2000 Steam and
Gas Show Directory and/or the month of July of ‘Old Farm Days
Show Calendar 2000.’

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