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Petter M of Peter Boast. Photo by Andy Selfe.
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3 Bremer Street, Tygerhof 7441, South Africa

Internationals LBA 80946 (1944) and LBA 99990 (1945), both
kerosene powered, complete with oil bath air cleaners. Owner and
photographer is Philip Gray-Taylor.

The Cape Vintage Engine and Machinery Society held its first
annual Winter Warm Up on June 25, 2000, at Arthur Wilding’s
farm, Tradewinds, in Franschhoek, Cape Province, South Africa.

Although being winter, it was a crisp and clear day. There was a
good balance of American and British engines representing some of
the popular makes that were imported into South Africa in the
heyday of the stationary engine. Interestingly, the majority of
imports are kerosene powered, which was popular in South Africa but
often rare in their country of origin. There were 29 engines
driving a variety of machines. Andy Selfe brought along his
Fairbanks-Morse ZA driving a pillar drill and Fairbanks-Morse ZC
driving a wine pump. Ryan Taylor’s Ruston Hornsby PB was
driving a piston pump, and the writer’s Lister D and brace of
newly restored International LB’s each took turns in driving
the Gould’s centrifugal pump.

Lunch is served! Freshly boiled eggs are taken out of John
McGregor’s Wolseley WD8 at the Winter Warm-Up. Photo by Andy

Apart from the stationary engines, Arthur Wilding had great fun
driving his Aveling-Porter steam tractor of 1921 as well as a
variety of his tractors he had brought out for all to see. The
stationary engine movement is relatively new in the Cape Province,
so it was heartwarming to hear the delighted comments from those
passing motorists that stopped to see what all the noise and smoke
was about, just one of the advantages when holding a rally next to
a busy road.

Here’s hoping that next year’s second annual Winter Warm
Up will be as great a success.

Philip Gray-Taylor grinds wheat with his Premier grinding mill,
driven by his unrestored International LB. His Petter A1 VO, s/n
591105, stands by to take over. Picture taken by Andy Selfe at the
Bienne Donne Agricultural Show, South Africa, November 1999.

Lister D 1936, 2 HP @1000 rpm, on an original Lister trolley,
driving a Goulds pump, sharing the tub with Ruston Hornsby PB 1939,
1? HP @ 700 rpm, driving unknown make piston pump owned by Philip
and Ryan Gray-Taylor. Philip looks on.

Robdur wine pump being driven by Fairbanks Morse ZC 52 engine,
owned and restored by Andy Selfe, who took the picture. Seen at
Winter Warm-Up.

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