1990 Stumptown Steam Threshers Show

By Staff
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Martin Rutan watches his 8 HP Associated engine at the 1990 Stumptown show.
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a 3 HP Bulldog owned by Edgar Flowers (who passed away in October), and a 1 HP Economy owned by Martin Rutan.
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Part of Tractor Row at Stumptown.

Rt. 1, Box 332 Adena, Ohio 43901

The Stumptown Steam Threshers annual show and reunion wasn’t
blessed with perfect weather this year. The show started out with
prayer by Lester Nabb and the raising of ‘Old Glory’ by the
Cadiz Boy Scouts. The usual activity of sawing, shingle making,
threshing and cornmeal grinding, along with the popping of many gas
engines, followed until the noon whistles signaled dinner time.

At 12:45, the 1990 Thresherman and Queen were revealed. Ralph
Jones of Woodsfield was the Thresherman and Rose Chini of Flushing,
Ohio was crowned Queen. They got their ride on Ralph Jones’
Model T pick-up. Ralph was a passenger in the back this time. In
previous years, he had chauffeured the new Thresherman and

At 1:00, the slow engine race got underway. This year, in the
antique class, the race was very close. Dennis Hudock, on Glenn
Krofft’s 40 HP Case, was the winner. In the scale model class,
Russ Dye on the Arnold family’s Goat engine was the winner. In
the garden tractor class, only one contestant registered so Glenn
Krofft raced Dennis Jackowski with his three-wheeler. Dennis was
the winner.

At 3:30, the kiddie tractor pull got underway. Winners are as
follows: Class I, Novella Trushell placed first and Tiffany Rowles
placed second; Class II, Kristen Conrad placed first and Dustin
Dowell placed second; Class III, Mat thew Modra placed first and
Tim Conrad placed second; Class IV, Mike Mar tin placed first and
Jimmy Bethel placed second; Class V, Samantha Quick placed first
and Brad Sell placed second.

At 6:00, the Ohio Valley Promenaders entertained until it was
time for the fiddling contest. We had 10 contestants. Winners in
the 60 and older class were: first place, Jim Addy of Woodsfield,
Ohio, who received a special Don Wilson trophy; second place was
won by Bill Burris of Shippingport, Pennsylvania and third place
was won by Clifford Hardesty of West Lafayette, Ohio. Winners in
the under 60 class were: first place, Larry Stahl of Bakersville,
Ohio; second place was won by Carrie Dillon of Woodsfield, Ohio and
third place was won by Clarence Miller of Brilliant, Ohio. After
the contest, all the fiddlers and their accompanists played the
Round Robin. Soon after the fiddling contest, the rain came again
and it rained most of the night.

Sunday’s show opened with church services led by Marion
Rogers. The weather was so wet and the grounds so muddy that by
noon everyone was thinking about getting loaded up and heading
home. The gas tractors were kept busy pulling campers, cars, trucks
and trailers. Jared Crowe’s truck and trailer loaded with a
tractor and steam engine had to have Doc Safrell’s big dual
wheeled Ford, D.C. Case and a high lift get him out on the road.
The showgrounds were badly torn up from people getting stuck. Most
of the food and concession stands and flea markets did very well on
Saturday but suffered Sunday.

The show boasted having eight full-sized traction engines, two
portable full-size steam engines, two half scale model traction
engines, one quarter scale model portable engine, 15 exhibits of
model and small steam engines, approximately 200 gas engines, 80
tractors and numerous other displays such as Rick Odom’s milk
can display and Gary-Arnold’s scale saw mill engine and baler.
Twelve antique cars were on hand for Saturday’s show only. Dick
Carnes entertained both days with his 1920 Wurlitzer Band

At 2:30, the Ladies Auxiliary held their drawing for the quilt,
which was won by Nancy Long, and the pillow cases, won by Lee
Booth, followed by the club’s drawing for the clock. Jared
Crowe was the first to buy a ticket and his was the winning ticket.
The grounds were too wet to hold a parade.

The officers and directors wish to thank all who braved the mud
to come to our show, whether they were exhibitors or spectators. We
wish to thank all who worked so hard getting the show ready and we
thank the Good Lord again for the success that we did have. The
program was in memory of Clarence ‘Curl’ Saffell, Sr., who
passed away since last year’s show.

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