1987 AUCTION DAY Hudson Valley Old Time Power Association

By Staff

72 Derick Drive Fishkill, New York 12524

May 9th dawned warm and clear. It was a perfect beginning for
what was to follow. In contrast to last year’s preparation the
crew was not up all night preparing the computer entries. The
‘bugs’ had been removed from last year’s program and
the results were an efficient system that did everything asked of
it. The auction results were available and printed within 1 hour of

As in previous years many items were placed prior to the day of
the auction. However, as usual, starting at about 5 AM Saturday
there was a steady flow of additional items to be itemized,
recorded and placed. This took place until the 10 AM start time
(which is now the end period for placing consignments). By the time
the auction started there were over 1000 items consigned for sale.
These items translated into $42,077.50 worth of goods at day’s
end. Again, there was something for everyone-many ‘real
bargains.’ Almost half of the items sold for under $ 10 (477
items), while 101 items sold in excess of $100.

Some notes taken during the auction indicate that there were 238
consignors selling items and 700 plus bidders available to be
tempted. There were 241 individuals who actually bought something.
Our statistics indicate that an item was sold every 42 seconds. The
bidding lasted for 7? hours without stopping. Many events were
permanently recorded for ‘club history’ by club member and
photographer Sharon Keller-house. We had attendees from ten states
and Canada. We believe that this is the largest auction of its kind
in the Northeast.

Food and drink were available on the club grounds, including a
pancake and sausage breakfast. Help was provided for by member
volunteers and their families. Extra thanks must go to many of the
wives for supporting many of the activities in running the food
concession. Without their support we could not exist.

A summary of selected/representative auction items follows:

Engines:Economy $300, 7 HP$750, DeLavel (rough)
$25, 3 HP International $225, 3 HP Jaeger $250, 2 HP Economy $350,
Empire $300, International (rough) $150, Friend $155, Fairmont RR
$150, Aeromotor $425, Newway $500, Hercules (rough) $225, 4 HP
Cushman (rough) $130, Witte $300, 5 HP Economy (rough) $210, 3 HP
Hercules $125, Novo uprite $425, Model 1 International (rough)
$130, Hercules $150, Associated Air Cooled $340, Economy $375,
Witte $300, Taylor $200, Boviar & Seyfang $200, 3 HP
International $250, New Holland $675, Maytag Single (many) $75 to
$130, United $190, Simplicity $350, Associated $400, Jaeger $250,
Hercules $225, Fairbanks (rough)$100, 2.5 HP Economy $400, Inboard
marine $200, 4 HP Cushman $170, Auto marine $220, Satterly (rough)
$135, 4 HP Witte (rough) $165, McCormick $140, Early Briggs $ 130,
Jacobsen $190, Bean $130, Jaeger $350, Jaeger $350, VA HP $130.

Tractors, Mowers, Vehicles, etc.: 1939 WF
Allis Chalmers $400, Coldwell Bear Mower $55, Bready Garden Tractor
$45, John Deere 1 Tractor $725, International Crawler (early) $725,
Jacobsen Mower $50, Clinton Lawn Mower $40, Wheelhorse Tractor
$135, John Deere $300, Wheelhorse Mower $110, Model A Doddelbug
$400, John Deere Mower $650, International F-12 $300, Fordson

For those of you who have not ‘tested’ our hospitality
we invite you to visit. We have this auction annually the second
Saturday in May. We also have an engine show the first weekend in
August, We ask that you bring whatever you like-it is welcome- and
we can assure you that it will be of interest to someone. We
provide space for primitive camping and camper parking (no
hookups). We have modern/clean rest rooms. We have a covered
pavilion, and a shaded picnic area. We pride ourselves on providing
reasonably priced quality food and drinks. Our location is on
Fingar Road, in Hudson, New York. We are located off routes 9 and
23 three miles south of the Rip Van Winkle Bridge.

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