Auction Previews and Results

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Avery Assembly Line Lessons

Avery factory collection, lot No. 4066 of the C.H. Wendel archives auction conducted by Aumann Auctions, Inc. This collection of factory photographs show the employees in action creating Avery engines using a variety of metal fabrication equipment. Here’s a bit of history for you! The purpose of these printouts could be many things. Perhaps they were for marketing, a ...

Staff | Oct 8, 2021

Museums and Shows

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2021 Coolspring Expo and Flea Market

By the time this is read, CPM’s terrific June show will be history; but such wonderful history it is! Having cancelled the 2020 June show due to the Covid pandemic, everyone was anxiously awaiting the decision for this year. Thankfully for widespread vaccinations, the dreaded disease ebbed, and we are able to have the show. What a great show it was! With the nice weather, there ...

Staff | Aug 16, 2021

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Any Wisconsin TFD and Elgin Insight?

Researching Grandpa’s engines   I am looking for some information on a couple engines that my grandpa has restored. Specifically, the history of the engines, what they were used for, and in today’s market, how much might these old engines be worth? I am also looking for information on where people sell these old engines. One is a TFD Wisconsin engine, serial number ...

Staff | Oct 7, 2021

Q And A

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Identify Engine and Sparta Serial Numbers

56/6: Can you identify this engine? I need help identifying this small gas engine which has no markings. Thanks, Landis Wehrmann Grant Park, Illinois 815-465-2033 landiswehrmann@gmail.com If anyone knows specifics of the engine in question, please contact Landis via email or snail mail. Please also loop me in and I’ll share the answer to this mystery in a future ...

Staff | Aug 19, 2021


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Designer Door Hangers Handcrafted in Bradford, NH using only Solid Brass Sleigh Bells and High Quality English Bridle Leather. Each ring fits perfectly over any standard size door knob. These are a fantastic gift to welcome guests as they enter your home. Red or Green Tractors available. $27 plus shipping. Free shipping with orders over $59.00. Use Code GEO21 ...

Oct 21, 2021

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