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Rough & Tumble Gas Engine School

By the Gas Engine Magazine staff

A new gas engine school offered by the Rough & Tumble Historical Association in Pennsylvania will teach newcomers to the hobby.

Remembering Dave and Bob

By Richard Backus

The editor reflects on Dave Rotigel’s and Bob Crowell’s contributions to the magazine and the gas engine community.

Building Interest in the Gas Engine Hobby

By Richard Backus

It’s still possible to build interest in our shows, as one gas engine club has shown.

Finding Vintage Engines

By Richard Backus

Despite popular belief that the well’s running dry, finding vintage engines in barns and elsewhere still happens.


Learning by Chance

By Richard Backus

The old iron hobby offers plenty of opportunities to discover little-known vintage engines and equipment, as we’ve learned again with the Beetle tractor.

Piersen Engines and Shows

By Richard Backus

Hearing from other Piersen engine owners and looking forward to a couple of big engine shows.

A 5 hp Piersen and Good Intentions

By Richard Backus

Editor Backus’ 5 hp Piersen may not be ready for an article, but it is making headway.

Young Iron: Trevor Yerges

By the Gas Engine Magazine staff

Trevor Yerges of Jefferson, Wisconsin, loves his grandparents’ Lister diesel engines.