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Dick Vye's Circa-1890 Olds Gearless

Old-engine collector Dick Vye's circa-1890 6 hp Olds Gearless engine has gotten a lot of attention on the show circuit. Dick was told that the engine was built between 1890-1893, as evidenced by its large brass tag. Much of the original paint is still intact and the Olds sits on its original timbers. Contact Dick at rvye@roadrunner.com or through the Maine Antique Power Assn. website if you have more information regarding this engine.

1915 Fairbanks-Morse

1915 Fairbanks-Morse 15 hp Type NB throttling governor engine. Filmed at the Coolspring Power Museum Summer Expo, Coolspring, Pennsylvania, June 18, 2015.

Circa-1902 6 hp Fuel-Injected Goold, Shapely & Muir

Destined for the scrap heap, this circa-1902 6 hp fuel-injected Goold, Shapely & Muir, the earliest known engine of its type, has been rescued and restored by Canadian enthusiasts who now show it regularly. We caught up with it at the 2015 Coolspring Power Museum Summer Expo, where it was set up and running beautifully, as the video shows. Read the full story of this engine as published in the April/May 2016 issue of Gas Engine Magazine.

Watch and Remember Rockport Station's 1,000 HP Cooper Engines Up and Running

The Rockport Station in Rockport, West Virginia, once housed three 1,000 HP twin tandem double-acting Cooper gas compressor engines. Nearly a century old, these may have been the last of these engines to be used in such a station. At least, that is until September 2013 when the engines were shut down for good and eventually replaced with two Caterpillar engines which could be remotely started and monitored, thereby eliminating all the station employees. Today, videos like this are, most likely, the only way to see this team of engines running in its rightful place.

For more on the 1,000 HP Cooper-Bessemers, look for our upcoming February/March 2015 issue, in mailboxes and newsstands January 13. There you'll find an article by Paul Harvey, founder of the Coolspring Power Museum, sharing his personal account of the engines' final days.

Watch Coolspring's 600 HP Snow Start Up, Run and Shutdown

In the August/September 2014 issue of Gas Engine Magazine, we brought you the story of the Coolspring Power Museum's efforts to acquire, move and restore a 1917 600 HP Snow gas compressing engine. The 20-year project ended with the dedication and successful operation of the Snow. In the video below, courtesy of Wayne Grenning, volunteers from Coolspring perform a start-up, run and shutdown of the 600 HP Snow. During the test, a few mechanical adjustments were made and on-line fuel valve settings were performed.

For more on the Snow Steam Pump Works, read Paul Harvey's History of Snow Steam Pump Works.

Jack Branch Engine Club Members Show Off

Engines from the Jack Branch Engine Club

In the June/July 2014 issue of Gas Engine Magazine, we introduce you to the Jack Branch Engine Club. The club got its start back in 1968 when Junior Henderson purchased a 1916 3 HP Fairbanks-Morse Model Z. Almost 50 years later, Junior's friends and family continue the old iron tradition by holding crank-ups and small shows where they show off their dozens of engines. From common to rare, big to small, the Jack Branch Engine Club loves them all.

Lucky for us, member Rob Gill shares videos of many of their engines finds on his YouTube channel. Below, we feature some of our favorites from the channel, as well as the infamous "High Cam Debate" between club members Gene Fuller and Bob Gill. 

Starting seven Waterloo Boy contract engines in 4 minutes

1902 4 HP Dempster Compound antique gasoline engine

Restored 1 HP Lauson

The Fuller & Johnson High-Cam Debate

Be sure to visit Rob's YouTube channel for more videos. And for the whole Jack Branch Engine Club story, be sure to pick up the June/July 2014 issue of Gas Engine Magazine.


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