Chautauqua County Antique Equipment Show

| August/September 1989

R. D. #4, Box 463, Jamestown, New York 14701

The idea for the Chautauqua County Antique Equipment Show was born one morning in 1975 over a cup of coffee. The instigators were two partners in a countertop installation business and their insurance agent. The evening of the same day, these men were on the phone and on the road organizing the first show. That show consisted of six or seven tractors, 25 or 30 engines, a tremendous downpour of rain, and sparse attendance.

The second year was far more successful.

Our 15th show, August 19 and 20, will be our third at the present location, Dart Airport, Hartfield, New York. Here we have a backdrop of small planes taking off and landing. Bob Dart also has a museum of aircraft engines, radios, propellers- some locally made-and many other items including the largest engine in terms of horse power many of us have ever seen, a 2,500 HP double radial!

Another feature setting our show apart is the antique radio display. These are old battery sets, really old, averaging nearly 70 years, some experimental, some early commercial, and all in beautiful shape. Some of the cabinets were made by local furniture firms.

In recent years our show has been strong in antique cars. Part of Sunday of last year's show we had more than twice as many cars as we had tractors. We usually have one, sometimes two, International Auto Buggies on the grounds for pictures and rides.