Worthington Tractor In Boyertown Museum


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In preparing this article for publication, we learned that there was a Worthington tractor in the collection of the Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles located at 28 Warwick Street, Boyertown, PA 19512. Fortunately, we were able to make contact with Ken Wells there, who sent us the two photographs on this page--one showing the mower in the collection as it can be seen today, the other showing a Worthington tractor with mowers attached.

In addition, Ken supplied the following Worthington Lawn Tractor specifications, which we hope will be useful:

Rating: draw-bar, 5 horsepower

Speeds: two forward and one reverse.

Engine: Ford, 20 horsepower

Fuel: gasoline

Fuel Tank Capacity: 12 gallons

Cooling System: Ford standard 1924 model.

Water Circulation: pump

Transmission: Ford planetary, two speed forward and reverse.

Brake: on transmission.

Drive: through reduction gear on main shaft.

Steering: by front wheels. Ford steering wheel, standard.

Rear Axle: Ford standard with standard differential.

Front Axle: Ford standard with Timkin roller wheel bearings.

Draw-Bar: special spring design (patent pending).

Front Wheels: 27' diameter. 

Rear Wheels: 27' diameter.

Wheelbase: 55?', turning radius 7? feet. 

Total Height: 58'. 

Total Width: 67?' 

Total Length: 7' 11'. 

Tread: Rear wheels 10', front wheels 4'. 

Weight: about 1000 pounds. 

Miles Per Hour: eight to ten.