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Secretary and Treasurer 1017 5th St., N.W., Great Falls, Montana 59404

A state-wide club dedicated to the preservation and restoration of flywheel type engines, Treasure State Flywheelers received their certificate of incorporation as a non-profit group in 1981.

The club mails out approximately 44 cards per month to members in central Montana advising them of meeting dates and club activities. Members have collected and restored a large number of engines such as Sandwich, Jumbo, Emerson-Brantingham, and Witte. Members go to other towns and put on a flywheelers show for various organizations.

A huge Christmas party is held each year at Cunningham's Truck Shop, and in the fall, the annual corn feed takes place at Bob Dewar's place. At least once a year, we meet at the Mehmke Ranch, which has the largest collection of antique tractors and farm machinery in the Northwest. A flywheel engine show with all the trimmings is planned for the future.

Scott Aebig of 365 S. Hawley, Shelby, MI 49455 sent the above picture of his Page riding tractor. It was built by Page Dairy and Farm Machines in Milwaukee, Wisconsin around 1949.

'It has a one cylinder Wisconsin rear engine. The tractor is completely gear driven in oil. Each rear wheel has its own clutch in the final drive for turning. Front and rear wheels are completely adjustable. Attachments are mounted between the front and rear wheels.'

Scott would like to hear from anyone else who has a tractor like this.

Gordon Aebig of 312 Maple Street, Shelby, Michigan 49455 sent this picture of his 1939 Model GG General, serial number 1FA 350.

Aebig's grandson Ben McLouth is at the wheel of the tractor which has a model 1XA3 Hercules engine. 'This is an original tractor that hasn't been tampered with in any way. It has the original Silver town tires on it. I'm the third owner.'

The tractor was originally owned by a neighbor of Aebig's who bought it in 1939 and traded it in for a 9N Ford Ferguson.