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Ryder, North Dakota 58779

The Aultman-Taylor 30-60 Tractor pictured on the March-April 1976 GEM is the model built prior to 1913. These tractors beginning in 1910 with numbers through 762 used the square type radiator. This model was also without the rear fender over the drive wheels.

There is one of these models in the 1967 January-February G.E.M. and another one in the 1968 January-February G.E.M. Besides these two I know of four more of these early model Aultman-Taylor 30-60 tractors still around.

Mr. E. Gladkowski, Jr., R.D. 1, Box 156 B, Jamesburg, New Jersey 08831 asks about a Silver King tractor serial number 319 with a Hercules IA engine. His tractor would be a 1934 model.

In the March-April 1975 G.E.M. you mention a few trade names for tractors. Along with hobby of studying the old tractors I have been trying to list all the tractor trade names, the company that built them and the years each model was on the market. So I will go through the ones you listed to show how they are listed.

Creeping Grip, Bullock Tractor Co. Chicago, Ill, 1910-21 crawler built in five sizes

Caterpillar, First used by Holt Mfg. Co. Stockton, California & Peoria, Illinois later by The Caterpillar Tractor Co. Peoria, Illinois & San Leandro, California

Common Sense, Common Sense Gas Tractor Co. Minneapolis, Minnesota. 1914-21 Used V-8 engine

Cub, Wallis Tractor Co. Racine Junction, Wisconsin. 1912-19 26-52 HP. built 1913-17. Bought by Massey Harris in 1927

Bear, First model built by Wallis Tractor Co.

Bear, Bear Tractors Inc. New York, New York. 1916-27 A crawler tractor became Mead-Morrison Mfg. Boston, Massachusetts 1924-29

Big Four, Gas Traction Co., Minneapolis, Minnesota 1908-12 Emerson-Brantingham Corp., Rockford, Illinois 1912-28

Farm Horse, Farm Horse Traction Works, Guttenburg, Iowa, Sioux Falls, South Dakota. 18-30 H.P. built at Hartford, South Dakota

Iron Horse, Sweeney Tractor Co., Kansas City, Missouri 1915-17 a 15 H.P.

Iron Horse, Siemon Tractor Corp., Buffalo, New York and New Hamburg, Ontario 1920-22

Little Chief, Farm Engineering Co., Sand Springs, Oklahoma 1916-18

Auto Plow, Hackney Mfg. Co. St. Paul, Minnesota 1910-20

Little Oak, Humber-Anderson Mfg. Co. St. Paul, Minnesota 1914

Mogul & Titan, International Harvester Co., Chicago, Illinois

Prairie Dog, Kansas City Hay Press Co., Kansas City, Missouri 1910-22

Flour City, Kinnard-Haines Mfg. Co. Minneapolis, Minnesota 1899-1925. In 1917 became Kinnard & Sons. Built all four sizes

Four In One, Kardell Tractor & Truck Co., St. Louis, Missouri 1917-21 16-35 H.P.

Steel Mule, Joliet Oil Tractor Company, Joliet, Illinois 1915-25

Hired Man, Have not been able to find a tractor by this name but it is the name used for a stationary engine built by Associated Mfg. Co., Waterloo, Iowa The total number of tractor trade names that I have listed so far is now approaching six hundred different names and manufactures of farm tractors.