14' plow tractor

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Ryder, North Dakota 58779

The Allis Chalmers Manufacturing Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin began developing and designing a four 14' plow tractor in 1917. This standard four wheel tractor shown in the March 1, 1919 Chilton Tractor Journal weighed 5,300 pounds and was rated 15-30 H.P. The Four cylinder engine 43/4 x 6? inches ran at 830 r.p.m.'s and was the company's own design. When tested in Nebraska in 1920, using kerosene as fuel, the model was rated 18-30 H.P. Then in 1921 it was tested again using gasoline, then the rating was given as 22-38 H.P. but the engine R.P.M. was increased to 930.

In 1922 the model was listed as the 20-35 H.P. but wasn't tested again until 1928 when gasoline was used as fuel with an engine R.P.M. of 930. The test weight was 7095 pounds. The maximum brake horsepower developed was 44.29 while the maximum drawbar horsepower developed was 33.20. The maximum pounds pull was 4400 at 2.83 miles per hour with the engine r.p.m. of 938.

In March 1927, 'The American Thresherman Magazine' quoted the price as $1495. These new features are listed for the model. Oil purolator, Air washer, spark arrester and muffler and a gas filter give double tractor life. A year later a new low price of $1295. In this ad it states 'you get a motor in which oil is forced to main bearings, connecting rod bearings, timing gears, rocker arms and piston pins. Lubrication is positive; friction is defeated.'

You get a heavy chrome Vanadium steel crankshaft carried by three main bearings having a total bearing length of 12? inches. You get a sliding gear transmission; two speeds forward and one reverse, with all gears machine cut, heat treated and hardened. Removable cylinder sleeves, an expanding shoe type clutch and other of the most advanced automotive features are provided.

By 1929 it was advertised that no other tractor had such an abundance of power as that provided by the Allis Chalmers at the lowest price per horsepower of any tractor in its class.

According to the serial number listing from the Allis Chalmers Company, the 20-35 in 1923 began with serial number 6161 and ended in 1930 with number 24185. The built date is cast in the left side of the motor head and near the top such as 4-11-28 which is the month day and year. The chassis number can be found on the transmission cover near the shift lever or on the tractor number plate located on the rear of the hood panel or cowling.

I haven't been able to determine at what point in time the 20-35 was designated the model E. Nor have I been able to find anything as to whether this model ever had a three speed transmission. The model A which began in 1936 with rubber tires as standard equipment had four speeds forward. When did Allis Chalmers begin painting their tractors the orange color?

From 1930 to 1936 the model E was rated 25-40 H.P. The engine had a 5 inch bore with a 6? inch stroke and ran at 1000 r.p.m.'s. Price on steel was $995.

The 20-35 pictured is owned by Gerald Johnson, Kulm, N. D. It is tractor number 22860, a 1929 model. It is pictured on page 23 of the 1976 Makoti Show book.

This year another 20-35 Allis Chalmers was in our show for the first time. Edward Dobrinski has tractor number 8375, a 1927 model that he had running for the 1976 Makoti Threshing show.