Six Miles Home

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E2794 Highway 54, Casco, Wisconsin 54205.

This is a tractor tale
of a John Deere A for sale.

Yes, it could be had
with equipment, not too bad.

The deal was consummated.
My check signed and dated.

Never drove a hand clutch.
I'll get used to the touch.

My grinding of the gears
should have aroused fears.

For home I would head'er,
plow inside the spreader.

Six miles isn't that far.
My son left with the car.

Everything was going great;
turns you must anticipate.

Milk truck from behind;
hear my left brake bind.

In a circle we swung,
the plow got flung.

Where? Here's a hint.
Truck has a new ornament.

No more hassle or pillage
until coming to the village.

The funeral home was busy.
I was feeling rather dizzy.

Approaching the corner,
had to stop for a mourner.

Again I hit the brake,
not the clutch, by mistake.

That spreader took a hike
and did the hearse strike.

The engine began to seize.
I was weak at the knees.

As I homeward walked
to myself I frankly talked.

My nerves are just a wreck.
I think I'll stop the check.