1972 Makoti Threshing Show Report

Fairbanks Morse Z, 11/2 HP'

Courtesy of Cletis Beckman, 105 Third Avenue, Mt. Lake Park, Maryland 21550.

Cletis Beckman

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North Dakota 58779.

On October 7 & 8, the three museum buildings were emtied for the Makoti Threshers Parade and Show. Heading the antique units in the parade down main street for this year was Clarence Butler, Mesa, Arizona on his 1913 red and green Big 4 30-60 tractor. Clarence and his tractor are also featured on the 1972 souvenir button.

Three out of the five tractors that won qualifying heats in the gas tractor slow race and ended up in the finals were Averys. The 14-28 Avery driven by Oswald Schenfisch, Makoti was the only tractor still moving at the end of the race. Corwin Jones of Ryder on the Regular Farmall killed his engine first. The 12-25 Avery run-by Alfred Janz of Ryder, died next. The 20-35 Emerson run by Richard Haugen, Ryder, stopped. Herb Shafer, President, Rose-glen on the 40-80 was the last one in the race with the 14-28 Avery. Herb throttled down too much just before the finish line and his tractor quit. So Oswald was the winner and received the traveling trophy.

Six steam engines were in the steam tractor slow race. The first day W. L. Morris, Ryder on the 1920 25-75 Russell won while Carl Yahnke, Roseglen on the 1910 25-85 Nichols and Shepard won the second day. The slowest machine on the field was the Staude-Mak-A-Tractor just restored by Loren, Secretary and Mardon Quandt, Makoti. Although not considered a conventional tractor, this car with the tractor converstion attachment can really move at a snail's pace. The driver Geniel Evanchenko, Makoti demonstrated this a number of times each day.

Some other items shown for the first time were: a 1916 Model T truck owned by A. T. Skarsgard, Makoti and driven by George Endresen Plaza; a 1929 Model A Ford owned by Byron and Colleen Holtan, Raub; a 1937 WK-40 McCormick Deering tractor driven by Mark Widdel donated to the Association by the Widdel Bros. Rural Minot; Carl Olsen, Powers Lake brought a Model T Depot Hack beautifully restored by him and Willard, his father; a 1926 Model T Coupe by Jim Singer, Cheyenne, Wyoming; a 1940 Plymouth pickup owned by Erhart, Makoti and Darlod Petersen, Newtown; Jack Harvey, Minot drove his 1936 immaculate Rolls Royce; Art Forsman, Roseglen drove the 1919 Model T Truck donated to the Association by Mr. Donald Barrdson, Pharshall; the fourth trailer of stationary engines shown by Wayne Jones, Ryder, includes the following engines which Wayne restored the past year: Hustler 11/2 H. P.; Famous upright 3 H. P.; Judson 11/2 H. P.; Famous Hopper-cooled 21/2 H. P.; The Busy Boy 11/2 H. P.; Sandwich on a feed mill 11/2 H. P.; Stover 2-21/2 H. P.; McVicker Automatic 2 H. P.; Fuller & Johnson pump 11/2 H. P.; Stover 1 H. P.; Fairbanks-Morse Eclipse 1 H. P.; Mogul Engine 1 H. P.; Newway 4 H. P. Monitor 5 H. P. and John Deere 6 H. P. Wayne also had a 4 H. P. Ottawa Log Saw sawing on a large log each day. O. J. Karna, Anoka, Minnesota displayed a 1907 4 H. P. Lauson engine on the original factory built engine truck.

The six cylinder WK-40 McCormick Deering tractor demonstrated its power by pulling several large steam engines and gas tractors out of the museum on Friday so they could be readied for the weekend show.

The 1908 Aultman-Taylor 20-60 steam engine was reflued just prior to the show with the help of Gerry Roth, Drake. Engineer Lial Peterson, Makoti and fireman Elden Petrick, Makoti were well pleased with the performance of the engine during the show.

Saturday's parade opened with a flyover by F 106 Delta Darts from the Fifth Fighter Intercepter Squadron at Minot Air Force Base.

Fairbanks Morse Z, 11/2 HP. No.371176. Throttle governor. Burns kerosene or gasoline. Has a Sumpter low tension magneto. I have no history on it at all.

Additional Sunday attractions were North Dakota I Company of the Seventh United States Cavalry Unit from Wilton. About fifteen riders displayed their riding skill in a number of drills. Also included in the Company was a team of mules on a covered wagon. In a 15-minute aerial acrobatic presentation by Citaboria Aircraft with James McDonald, Pilot courtesy Pietsch Flying Service of Minot, the throngs of people were pleased. Radio-controlled model airplanes were displayed by the Model Airplane Radio Control Flying Club from Minot. Again many people enjoyed their display of skill in flying these models.

With the help of mothers and their instructor, members of the North Shore Band served a threshers' breakfast Sunday morning in a museum building with light from lamps and lanterns. The Band marched each day in the parade.

1937 Andrew Barclay shunting locomotive fitted with Paxman 8RW diesel engine. 165 HP at 1000 RPM. Owned by A. G. Walford and other members of the Stour Valley Railway Preservation Society.

1923 Ruston R. Hornsby M type oil engine. 8' bore 15.5' stroke. Petrol start. Hot bulb run (successor to the Hornsby Ackroyd type engine). Owned by A. G. Walford.


By Richard Geyer, De Smet, South Dakota 57231.

Pioneer Acres Gas & Steam Show, Show, De Smet, South Dakota drew visitors from 27 States and England. The earlier date proved successful and many requested an early show date next year which will be June 23 and 24, 1973.

The weather was beautiful and many went home with goodies from the large flea market.

The engine grounds were covered with engines from 1/2 HP to 20 HP and 125 units were represented in the parade.

Many, many thanks to all and hope to see you next year.