3-5 HP LB engine

A tractor built from junkyard metal, 1' water pipe for frame, old 4 speed transmission, 3-5 HP LB engine, 2 seats. Powerful enough to spin those big wheels, the tractor was finished in 1989 by Ellis Smith, RR, Frankford, WV 24938. Aboard is his grand

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Gaylord M. DuRee, 12815 Rainwood Rd., Omaha, Nebraska 68142 sent this picture of a Huber tractor restored by Ernie Schmidt of Fremont, Nebraska. Ernie has been collecting and restoring engines and tractors since about 1969. He does a real good job of painting, and overhauling, if necessary. This tractor is a Super Four Huber of 18-36 HP with a Midwest engine approximately 1920 or 1921. Ernie puts it on a threshing machine every year at the Papio Valley Show, in Bennington, Nebraska. It will be there in '92, the fourth Sunday of July.