My Son's Allis-Chalmers 1949 Model B

Allis-Chalmers Tractor

Diane Vetter

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16 Moore Avenue Pearl River, blew York 19065

After reading the article 'Julie's Tractor' in the November 1995 issue of Gas Engine Magazine, I decided to send you my son's picture with his Allis-Chalmers 1949 Model B tractor.

Gary, who is 14 years old, belongs to the Catskill Mountain Antique Engine &. Machinery Club, Power from the Past of Delaware County (New York). He attends the Delaware County Fair at Walton, New York.

The Allis was left to him by his grandfather, who used it on his farm in Spring Valley, New York. Gary and his father restored the tractor during the winters of 1994 and 1995; it made for a good father-son project.

Gary displayed his Allis at the 1995 Delaware County Fair, in New York State. He got such pleasure from this experience and many compliments.

We are very proud of him. It's rare for a boy his age, living in Rockland County, New York (near New York City), to care about what America and its working farms stand for, and to love tractors as our son does.

We as parents are so grateful for this magazine, and for the machinery club's older people who are so willing to help youngsters. With the peer pressure put on high school teens, we are glad our son has a hobby and interest in something to learn, instead of hanging around malls and getting into trouble.

We live in Rockland County, a suburb of New York City, and have a farm in Delaware County. Gary's schoolmates in Pearl River give him a hard time sometimes about his love for tractors, but he could care less! Gary looks forward to his GEM every month, and we all appreciate the effort everyone in this hobby puts into keeping our heritage alive.