My Collection!

Steam Engine

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823 West Fourth, Canton, South Dakota 57013

Having enjoyed the letters and pictures of other subscribers over the years, I thought I'd show you my collection.

Ever since I was a young boy I have always been interested in anything old that turned liquid fuel into noise or ran on steam.

My father had a lot of influence on me, giving me a toy steam engine when I was about six. He has probably forgotten more about these old engines, tractors, and autos than I will ever learn, as he worked with them and on them most of his life. He still says to me, when I bring something home, 'What do you want with that old junk?' But throughout the whole process of restoration he's there with advice and is as happy to hear it run for the first time as I am.

I used to restore antique autos but I have found with lack of time these engines fit in a lot better and are just as rewarding when completed.

My collection consists of, from left to right, a 1? F-M Dishpan, 1? F-M headless, 1? J.D., 2 HP Stover and a 2? HP Famous.

The Headless F-M is my latest to be restored. I call this my 'street rod' engine. I thought I'd try something different by filling in all the cast with body filler and sanding it smooth. The paint is the same dark green metallic as my 1969 Chevelle SS, and the truck is candy apple red.

In the background is my W-30 and 10-20.

Restoring these engines and tractors is an educating and rewarding hobby. I would like to see more of our young people take part in it and maybe they would ask me, 'What are those things?'