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Speedex garden tractors

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After reading the story by Cliff Heath in the April issue of GEM about the Speedex garden tractors, I decided to send this information about the Speedex walk-behind garden tractor that I bought new April 15, 1948.

It's a Speedex Model C walk-behind with Briggs & Stratton engine model N with 2 inch bore and 2 inch stroke, 4 cycle, 1? HP. The tires are Goodyear 500x16. It cost $ 169.50 when new.

The tires, after 52 years. still look like new, and no weather checks. Used it to cultivate my garden until a few years ago when I quit putting in a garden.

The following is a list of parts I replaced in 52 years:

One V-belt; one set of new sealed power rings (I don't like the Briggs rings, the lips on the oil ring wear off too quickly and then it used a lot of oil, the Sealed Power ring is a much better ring); two spark plugs; one flywheel key, steel (the original pot metal key was too soft and would wear and the magneto would get out of time).

I took the flywheel off many times before I figured out what the problem was.

I have included a reprint of the original sales book.


Clutch: Sheave type, precision made and balanced.

Speed Reduction: Diamond reduction chain and steel gears fully enclosed and running in a bath of oil. High speed shafts are mounted on removable tapered roller and ball bearings.

Framework: All steel welded construction.

Gear Covers and Belt Guards: High quality gray iron.

Differential: Free wheel ratchets.

Width: 22? inches.

Clearance: 10? inches

Net Weight: 235 pounds.

Cultivator: All steel standards held by U-bars, can be adjusted to any width or depth to limitations.


Bore: 2 inches.

Stroke: 2 inches.

Type: 4 cycle, single cylinder.

Air Cooled: Powerful blower flywheel type.

Ignition: High tension built-in flywheel magneto.

Lubrication: Pump and splash system.

Air Cleaner: Oil bath type.

Horsepower: 1?. Recommended maximum H.P. for continuous operation 1?.