List of engines and tractors

Bee becomes part of a novel vacation

Mario Remme Family

Courtesy of Bill Paulson of the Butterfield Advocate newspaper, Butterfield, Minn.

William C. Maupin

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The Mario Remme family, including parents and three children, took in the Threshing Bee as part of an adventurous week's vacation. The family, from Denni-son, Minn., traveled into Canada, then down through the Dakotas in a 1926 Model T camping out the entire time. They spotted an advertisement of the Bee on an Oak Grove milk carton while visiting relatives at Tyler and came Sunday. Naturally, their car was in the parade with the other antiques.

SAUNDENSON, 23 Hp (1914) at Wade bridge (Cornwall) Rally 1969.

FIELD MARSHALL, 2 stroke Diesel (1948), single cylinder, horizontal piston, 9 inch stroke, 6? bore. Can be started with a cartridge or by starting handle inserted in flywheel. Not original front wheels when photo was taken, have now been fitted.

TITAN TRACTOR at Redruth (Cornwall) Rally 1970.

This is at the Big Rock plowing match in 1922. The tractor is a 10-18 Case and the driver is Chuck James of Yorkville.

1? HP John Deere used to pump water near Hillsboro, Texas.

Allis Chalmers Model 'K' Crawler, 1936. Used by town of Richmond, Whitewater, Wisconsin, for plowing snow.

MAYTAG ENGINES-James Riley, Rising Sun, Maryland. (September 1970, Alexander, N. Y.)

2 HP TAYLOR-Mike Otis, Perry, N. Y. (1970 Rally, Western New York Gas & Steam Engine, Alexander, N. Y.)

1970 Rally, Alexander Exhibits-People & Fun. Western New York Gas and Steam Engine Association. (4th Rally)

1936 McCormick-Deering, W-12, owned by Ted McCauley, Groveland, New York. 1969 Pioneer Gas Engine Reunion, Fairville, New York.

My Cushman engine that I bought in Florida in 1969 when I went there to see Col. Herndon's Show. I have about fifteen engines myself.

We grind wheat at Church Bazaars and sell it to raise funds--with this outfit.

My Fairbanks-Morse and Lockwood Marine engines--before restoration.

Brenda Ann Houlsworth, my granddaughter, on a 16-30 Rumely Tractor that I am restoring.

The Jansen's 'Pride and Joy' 17-28 Twin City 1928 Model.

INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER, 3 HP, before being restored.