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Box 3164, Minot, ND 58701

The year 1982 is now HISTORY and it is now time to review with you and fellow G. E. M. readers, the hilites of our 1982 Club Year.

Our membership in 1982 ended with 443 members from 35 States, 5 Canadian provinces and 1 member from England.

This figure was an increase of approximately 275% in total membership over 1981 membership total. Some of the Club's activities for 1982 included participating in a number of parades with 'restored' John Deeres and attending in person by various Club members at Threshing Shows during the year.

Austin, Manitoba, (Canada); Lynden, Washington; Rollag, Minnesota; Makoti, Drake and Lansford, North Dakota were some of the more than a dozen shows attended and recorded on colored slides by this writer.

The Lynden, Washington; Austin, Manitoba, Canada; and Rollag, Minnesota were 'firsts' for me this year. I might also add that anyone having never attended any of the above 3 shows should be making plans to do so in the near future.

There is a lot to be seen and done at all of the shows, that I attended.

The 3 large shows, especially Lynden, Washington should be noted for their 'outstanding' hospitality to the John Deere Two Cylinder Tractor Club members in attendance at their show. The 'special' (67 in number) 'restored' John Deere tractor section on their showground's meant something special to me.

The 'mystery' tractor put in an appearance at the Lynden, Washington Show and brought a 'traveling-trophy' ribbon home for its efforts.

Any one interested in our Club, is invited to contact me for more information or become a member for $5.00 a year.