John Deere stained glass picture

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If you think that is a stained glass picture, you are right.

It's called 'Dear John,' and it is the work of Linda Strauss, of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Not many tractors are immortalized in a stained glass panel, but there is one which made it-a John Deere which has a nostalgic appeal for the young woman who executed the picture shown on our cover

Linda Wenger, growing up in the town of Strasburg, Pennsylvania, lived next door to a John Deere dealer. Years later, as Linda Strauss, a talented artist in glass, she chose a 'Dear John' as a subject.

'It's the model that was current when I was a youngster,' she commented in her studio on West Chestnut Street, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where she is surrounded by many of her other artistic productions.

'When you're young, it's attractive to see the green body and the yellow wheels. I enjoyed even touching the tread of the tires.'

Linda, who draws out her designs meticulously before cutting and fitting the colored pieces of glass, has won awards for her craftsmanship and has sold many of her works.

'Dear John' was seen by a Lancaster physician, Dr. Edward W. Maley, at an exhibit at Franklin and Marshall College. His wife, Barbara, bought it as a surprise gift. It now hangs above a baby grand in the Maley home, and its colors and design are given full radiance by backlighting.

Linda never duplicates. This is the only tractor she has ever depicted. The Maleys are indeed fortunate to have 'Dear John.' Many of our readers will agree.