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Heider Model ''D'' 9-16 and Rock Island No. 9 Plow

Heider Tractors

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BELT--16 H.P

FUEL--Gasoline or kerosene.

FUEL CAPACITY--21 gallons.

WATER CAPACITY--7 gallons.

WEIGHT--4000 pounds.

IGNITIN--Dixie high tension margneto.

TRACTOR SPEED--1 to 4 miles per hour.

BELT SPEED--100 to 800 revolutions per minute.

CARBURETOR--Kingston improved type.

MOTOR--4-cylinder, 4-cycle; 4?-inch bore; 5?-inch stroke. Enclosed valves. Special heavy duty Waukesha tractor motor.

TRANSMISSION--Heider special friction. LUBRICATION--Splash system.


WIDTH--5 ft. 8 in.

HEIGHT--5 ft. 2 in.

LENGTH--10 ft. 8 in.

WHEEL BASE--87 inches.

REAR WHEELS--Diameter, 54 in; width, 8 in. FRONT WHEELS--Diameter. 30 in.: width. 4 in.


The Heider 9-16 is equipped with a heavy duty Waukesha motor, with power enough to pull two 14-inch bottoms at the regular plowing speed of 2? miles per hour. It will also pull your harrows, discs, drills, seeders, binders, hay tools, wagons, etc. Besides this work, the Heider 9-16 furnishes belt power to operate the smaller sized grain separators, silo fillers, corn shellers. etc., and does the lighter jobs, such as pumping water, sawing wood or running the cream separator or washing machine.

The Heider performs all of its work economically, the cost for fuel, oil, etc., being exceptionally low. This is due mainly to what is considered by both experts and Heider owners to be the greatest feature ever built into a tractor--


The Heider has been equipped with the friction transmission ever since it was first built. It was the first tractor to be equipped with this style of drive, and has proven so remarkably successful that at no time since this machine was put on the market has the supply equalled the demand.

This is a specially patented friction transmission and should not be confused in any way with the friction drive that has been used on other machinery. The main difference is that on the Heider the fibre is the driving member and not the disc, and in 'starting loads the metal disc, standing still, is brought in contact with the revolving fibre. As a result, it is impossible to wear any flat places on the fibre wheel. All heavy work is done on the outside diameter of the large metal disc, giving the greatest leverage when most needed for heavy loads; whereas, on the ordinary form of transmission the heavy pulling is done near the center of the metal disc.


Owing to the friction transmission, the Heider has less gears than other tractors. This means less trouble, less complications, easier operation and your repair expense cut down to a minimum, an important point to consider when buying a tractor. A lot of gears and clutches are always troublesome and mighty expensive to replace when broken.

You can throw the Heider from high speed into reverse instantly, if necessary, without the slightest injury to any part of the machine.

The operating lever has seven notches, each notch representing a different speed, and any desired speed can be had at any time while tractor is pulling load. It is not necessary to let load come to a stop to change speeds. Just reach over, pull lever and secure the desired speed. Tust think of it, seven speeds forward and seven reverse, for traction as well as for belt work.


All Heider Tractors are equipped with a specially designed manifold, so that kerosene or gasoline can be burned, whichever is desired. Switching over from one fuel to the other can also be accomplished at any time without changing the carburetor.