Gas Engines & Tractor

Engine weighs 1275 lbs

Courtesy of Henry Reamsnyder, 4274 Morral - Kirk Road E., Marion, Ohio 43302

Henry Reamsnyder

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My 3 HP Stickney engine which weighs 1275 lbs. With the help of my wife we have all three engines painted and striped in their original colors.

It is my Bucyrus 2-1/2 HP throttling governor made around 1905 in Bucyrus, Ohio at the old Foundry. That is me in the picture. Until I hear from someone that has one, I think I have the only one left.

It is my vertical 2 HP IHC Famous hit and miss with self contained water hopper. These engines were only made from 1909 to 1911.

Summer of 1968 - Gordon and his great big toy, the 1917 Titan. Courtesy of Gordon S. Nelson, Box 86, Chigago City, Minnesota 55013

1929 model Caterpillar 15. PA5 231. Williams Ersted towing winch made in Portland, Oregon.

Pictured is an old restored orchard sprayer with an unusual engine. The shadow just about spoils the important view of the engine. Courtesy of William Hurlbut, Kilbourn Road, Rome Floyd, N.Y. 13440.

Pictured is a 20-30 Oil Pull 1927, ready to be unloaded at Ruffs Pioneer Museum, Edgeley, North Dakota. This is one of the 28th Gas Tractors, and five that are on loan to the museum. Courtesy of Clifford Ruff, Edgeley, North Dakota, 58433

Pictured are Case tractors. They are 25-45 cross motors. They were made in 1927 and 1928. These tractors are in A shape. The numbers of these tractors are 301215 and 300977. Courtesy of Walter Holmer, Attica, Ohio, 44807

An 8 HP Witte that was found near Altoona, is now pictured in my driveway. It needs work and a paint job. It will probably go in our front yard till I find a larger one to replace it. Courtesy of Richard E. Shelly, R.D. 3, Box 283E, Manheim, Pennsylvania 17545

Plowing with a 30-60 Pioneer tractor in 1912 in Nebraska. Note pegs instead of cleats. Looks like a long furrow which is not as straight as it should be. Courtesy of Fischbach's Museum, Kettlersville, Ohio 45336

Slim and Bruce Leach threshing rye at the Bensen, Illinois Centennial July 7, 1973 with an old 20-40 Oil Pull. It had spent 50 years of its life there - sat for the last 25 - bought in 1971 by Leach Bros. of Pontiac. It took over six months to restore it. We are very proud of this old tractor. As boys, we grew up with one like it. Courtesy of Bruce Leach, 511 Oak Street, Plainfield, Illinois 60544

When this engine was acquired it had not been run in about 40 years. The owner had to make some parts and do some repairing work on it. He soon had it cleaned and painted. On January 1, 1971 he pulled her outside, filled up the gas tank, hooked up the battery, and turned her over. She started on the first try - a very nice engine. Nonpareil Famous engine, manufactured by International Harvester Company, Chicago, 4 H.P., Speed-450, No. RK149, Patent May 2, 1905. Courtesy of Dale Nickerson, Glasgow Road, Cassadaga, New York, 14718

Here is a little model I built six years ago. It has pumped water every year at the shows around this area. I modeled it from a Fuller & Johnson I have. It is fabricated from stock materials. The only castings were the flywheels. It is 1-1/2 in. bore, 2 in. stroke, hit & miss governor and has battery ignition. Notice Coke bottle on well platform to compare size. Courtesy of Earl Rains, 209 North Olive, St., Eldon, Missouri 65026

Pictured are a 2-1/4 HP Galloway, 2-1/2 HP Blakeslee and a 1-1/4 Monitor Pump all in good shape. This was taken at the Mark Twain Old Threshers Show at the Paris, Missouri Fairgrounds, July 1974. Courtesy of Ray E. Curtright, 221 E. Marion, Paris, Missouri 65275

A close-up of my Blakeslee 2-1/2 HP, Serial No. 952 and built by White and Blakeslee down in Birmingham, Alabama. Courtesy of Ray E. Curtright, 221 E. Marion Street, Paris, Missouri 65275

A 12-20 Oil Pull belonging to Clarence Harsch of Spokane, Washington. Courtesy of Rolland E. Maxwell, Route 4, Huntington, Maryland 46750