Gas Engine Displays and News From Shantytown

Art Dickey shares information on gas engine displays and news from Shantytown.

Spocke Cycle Car

Photo courtesy of Shantytown, c/o Art Dickey, Corydon, Iowa.


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Learn about the latest news and gas engine displays from Shantytown. 

Dear Elmer,

I got so enthused in September -October issue of the "Bang Put Put Magazine" reading about that guy Wesley Hammond and that old engine he got that was under water so long and then I read a little further about Eshelman of Elliott, Iowa, and how he got that old Titan tractor that had been buried in a ditch for about forty years. I went off on a binge and bought an old Cushman gas engine that is stuck all over and an old Monmouth Plow Company engine that is missing a rocker arm and I don't know what all. What I'm getting at is, I don't think this magazine is good for me. Not only that, but I have located many more items of such and I think I have bought myself too much work.

Here is Shantytown, now, we have three gas engine displays and a 1911 Spacke Cycle Car.

This is my 18-36 one cylinder Oil Pull. The picture was taken in 1959 at a Threshing Bee.

This is my son-in-law, Norman Nickel who is now in France with the Air Force, and myself with 1911 Spocke Cycle Car in front of Shantytown General Store, Telephone Office and Blacksmith Shop.

Anyway Elmer, I sure do enjoy both of your magazines. I take both of them. I enjoy your article '"Gas from the Tramp Preacher's Tank". It seems such a pity that we have on our law books thousands of laws, and more are written in each year, when the Ten Commandments would do the whole job.

Health Hints

All winter keep in the medicine closet a small jar of turpentine and lard melted in equal quantities. If anyone in the family shows signs of hoarseness, give the neck and chest a vigorous rubbing with this homemade liniment.

Dad and I made our annual trip to the Mount Pleasant, Iowa, Steam Show. It was a top notch show as usual. Every year we wonder how it can get better than the year before, but it's always bigger and better. While we were down there, I renewed the subscriptions to both magazines, "Iron Men Album" and "Gas Engine Magazine", so it looks like that for another year I'm going to be tempted to buy more old iron.