Delivering a Rumely Tractor

Even the best-planned deliveries can run into problems.

8 HP Harvester Skid Engine
This is my 8 HP Famous International Harvester Skid Engine. Itwas found high on a hill 12 miles from my home. It was in a verydeplorable condition in the summer of 1964. Mr. Gamble worked on itthe most during the winter of 1965. That is Mr. Gamble on the rightin the picture and I am on the left. We were starting for ourColonial Day Parade in Painted Post on June 12, 1965. We had toreplace the half of wooden barrel for cooling with a steel drum.Skid is the same original. Later I returned to the place to lookfor the operating manual but couldn't find it, although I didfind the original battery box. We had to find a wagon also for easyhandling. They do not come easy either. Make and break ignition,6' bore 10' stroke and fires every other time. TheInternational people could give me no information as to time ofmanufacture, specifications or operating manual. We had this engineon display at the Canadaigua, New York Pagent of Steam duringAugust, 1965 and it was admired by many. Following is a descriptionof the engine: Skid - black, base of engine - gray, engine - red,wheels - green alum., water pipe and tank -cascade green, weight ofengine and wagon is 4,075 lbs.