Model 'H' tractor

Harold W. Hauger

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RFD#l, Box l23 Oxford, New York 13830

This 1937 Farmall F-20 was left out of doors for years. When I acquired it, the engine was seized. It took most of my spare time during the summer months to bring it back to the restored condition you see in the 'after' photos.

I overhauled the engine, scraped and sanded, and installed four new tires. I'm hoping to find a high speed fourth gear for parades and shows.

This is the eleventh tractor we have done; we keep them all.

The F-20 has a 221 cubic inch four cylinder engine. The dry sleeve bore is 3.75 inches, and the stroke is five inches. The crankshaft is supported by two ball bearings. There is no center main bearing. The pistons have to be removed from the bottom of the crankcase since the connecting rod ends are too large to pass up through the cylinder bore. The only lubrication the valve rocker shaft gets is 'wicked' down from cups that are filled each day. In some cases the crankcase actually gains oil from tractor use.

These tractors and the 'Regulars' are the first of the high profile 'Farmall' style which was a first for International Harvester and was quite revolutionary at the time. IH built 149,000 of these in the Thirties. They are of course the predecessors to the more familiar-looking 'H' and 'M.'

Harold W. Hauger, Rt. 2, 10819 Tucker Road, Mt. Vernon, Ohio 43050, thought you readers would enjoy seeing these before and after photographs showing his 1 HP Stover KE gas engine, serial number 172787. The engine was made in 1925. Harold acquired it in the winter of 1995, and completed restoration in April 1995.