As I Saw It Part XIIII

Pioneer Tractor

Courtesy of Rolland E. Maxwell, Route 4, Huntington, Indiana 46750

Rolland E. Maxwell

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Route 4, Huntington, Indiana 46750

I made the previous list of companies that made tractors several years ago. Since then I have found some more and I expect there may some more show up yet. Leroy Quandt of Ryder N.D. sent me a partial list that he had made out, and I was able to get some more names that I did not have. I want to publicly thank Leroy for his help. The list now stands at five hundred and I think that's about it.

1919  - 1920 -- Alberta Fdy & Mach. Co., Medicine Hat, Alb., Canada. 'Canadian'

1915 -- Algona Mfg. Co., Algona, Ia.

1920  -- American Tr & Impl. Co., Cincinnati, O. 'American Grand'

1915 -- Anderson Fdy & Mach. Co., Anderson, Ind. 'Anderson'.

1920 -- Andrews-Kinkade Tr. Co., Minneapolis, Minn., 'Andrews Kinkade'

Arrow Mfg. Co., Denver, Colo. 'Arrow'

Atlas Engineering Co., Milwaukee, Wis. 'Atlas F W D'

1908 -- Austin Western Co., Chicago, Ill.

1919 -- Auto Horse

1915 -- Back Auto Plow Co., Fremont, Nebr.

1920 -- Baker Tr. Corp. Detroit, Mich.

1912 -- Ball Tread Co., Detroit, Mich. 'Ball Tread'

1915 -- Barry Tr. Co., Muscatine, Ia.

1920 -- Bear Tr. Co., Bridgeport, Conn. 'Bear'

1929 -- Beaver Tr. Co. Inc., Stratford, Conn. 'Beaver'

1919 -- Bedford Tr. Co., Bedford, Ind. Two drive wheels in front

1920 -- Robt. Bell Co. Seaforth, Ont., Canada

1921 -- David Bradley Mfg. Works, Bradley, Ill. 'Bradley'

Bessemer Corp., Mt. Vernon, Ontario, Canada

1920 -- Bull Dog Tr. Co., Clintonville, Wis. 'Bull Dog'

Cameron Motor Corp., New York City 'Sandusky'

1920 -- Central Tr. Co., Greenwich, Ohio, 'Centaur', Two Dr. Wheels in front, 2 cyl. Le Roi eng.

1917 -- 1918 -- Challenge Tr. Co., Mpls., Minn. 'Challenge'

1916 -- Cleveland Horseless Mach. Co., Cleveland, Ohio, 'Baby Johnson'

1939 - 1962 -- Cockshutt Plow Co., Brantford Ont. & Belleview, Ohio 'Cockshutt'

John Compodocina, Stockton, Calif., 'Compco'

1920 -- Community Mfg. Co., Los Angeles, Calif. Allen A 10-20 4 cyl. Continental eng.

1924 - 1927 -- Continental Cultor Co., Springfield, Ohio, Two Dr. wheels in front, Model T eng.

1919 -- Danielson Mfg. Co., Independence, Mo.

1914 -- 1918 -- Deere & Co., E. Moline, Ill. 'Daine 12-25' 3 W D

1915 -- Detroit Line Drive Tr. Co., Detroit, Mich.

1914 -- 1916--Diamond Match Co., Chicago, Ill. 'Diamond Creeping Grip'

Daylestown Mach. Co., Danboro, Pa. 'Atomic Babe'

1920  -- Dubuque Tr. & Tk Mfg. Co., Dubuque, Ia. 'Klumb 16-32'

1936 -- Duplex Mach. Co., Battlecreek, Mich., Made the Coop for the Coop.

Earthmaster Tr. & Farm Equip. Co. Statesville N. Car.

Eastern Tr. Mfg. Co., Kingston, N. Y.

1920 -- Essex Tr. Co., Essex, Ont. Can.

1912 -- Eaton Gas Eng. Co., Eaton, Ohio 'Vaughn'

1946 -- Empire Tr. Corp., Phila. Pa.

1910 -- Famous Mfg. Co., Chicago, Ill. 'Champion'

1928 -- The General Tr. Co., Belleview, Ohio

30-60 Pioneer Tractor at Rollag, Minnesota, owned by Elmer LArson, Moorhead, Minnesota.

1913 -- Killen Walsh Mfg. Co., Appleton, Wis. 'Straits'

1922 -- Lincoln Tr. & Impl. Co., Sandusky, O. Sams bldg. as the former Dausch Co. used

1913 -- Martin Tr. Co., Springfied, Mass. 'Knox Martin'

1919 -- Midwest Eng. Co., Indianapolis, Ind. 'Atlas 16-26'

New Britian Mach Co., New Britian. Conn.

1912 -- Petro Haul Dev. Co. Berwyn, Ill. 'Petro Haul'

Scientific Farming Mach. Co., Mpls. Minn. 'Mark V I 10-20. 2 dr. wheels ir front

1910 -- J. Thompson & Sons Mfg Co., Beloit, Wis. 'Thompson Lewis'

Tioga Mfg. Co., Phila., Pa. 'Tioga 15-27'

Vaughn Motor Works, Portland, Ore 'Fleetred'

Wabash Tr. Co., Wabash, Ind 'Motox 18-30'

Wheat Tr. & Tiller Co., Inc., Buffalo N.Y. 'Wheat 12-24'

Wolverine Tr. Co. Saginaw, Mich 'Wolverine'